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This is KHADIJA AKHTAR.The creator of the blog LOST FOR PERFECTION.


LOST FOR PERFECTION is a blog which is all about simple rules to achieve success and satisfaction.There are billions of people in the world and each one is absolutely unique.But mostly we don’t realize how amazing and unique we are .Because there is so much pressure from the society on how to look ,how to behave,what to like and what not.We actually have set standards for everything and we try to reach that standard to be acceptable.So we don’t do what we want to do but we do what we think we should do.So in all this process we actually lose our inner voice ,for perfection ,without realizing.The unique you is lost for perfection ,which is extremely sad.My goal behind this blog is to make people realize that they are perfect the way they are.SO accept yourself if you don’t then no one else will.

Certain other topics which is blog covers are DREAMS,SUCCESS and a bit about HEALTH and CONFIDENCE.

Through my blog I want to encourage people that each one of us can dream and through proper planning and hard work we can do any thing. I believe that its never too late.We are human beings, the best beings.We can achieve anything when we are determined,without even worrying about perfection.Success is not a tag for some special people,it is for everyone who try to work hard and believe in it.

SO if you want to join me on my journey then don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and be a part of my community.

I will be posting every Friday,so stay tuned.

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